Lifeng Liu @ Development of China Brand Chain Conference 2016: A Best Brand Will Set Sail in Consumer Subconscious
11.02, 2016

October 19, 2016, Ipsos Asia Pacific CEO and Chairman of Ipsos in China Mr. Lifeng Liu was invited by the “Fifth Development of China Brand Chain Conference” (DCBC) organized by China Brand China Development Association and made a keynote speech entitled “A Best Brand Will Set Sail in Consumer Subconscious”.


In his speech, Mr. Liu pointed out that the brand actually belonged to consumers, and where there was no consumer, there was no brand. In the context of new
media, consumer groups were increasingly “younger”. On the contrary, more and more brands got old, with little consumer awareness and loyalty over time. Given all these changes, Mr. Liu shared some valuable insights and recommendations on how to “strengthen and highlight brand features, deepen its emotional connections with consumers, take a prime position in their minds, and keep your brand fit and young,” so as to help enterprises in building their brands and winning opportunities in the market.


For more information on the insightful speech, please @Lifeng Liu’s WeChat account.(LiuLifeng_Ipsos)。