Ipsos LIFE Path: A Comprehensive Interpretation of Consumer Path to Purchase
11.02, 2016

Recently, Ipsos Marketing has launched the LIFE Path products to help consumers influence consumer decisions from their path to purchase.


“Today, consumers’ purchase paths can be averted when driven by information changes,” said Hans Raemdonck, a global leader in Path to Purchase solutions. “The purchase path is no longer linear, as any factor can affect consumer preference of the brand. LIFE Path products will help marketers accurately capture these nuances, learn about how consumers make decisions in today’s full-channel purchase environment, thus helping them grow their business.”


LIFE Path provides customers with a complete set of solutions. It will help them understand consumer motivations to buy, how they determine their purchase channel, and make final purchase decisions. The uniqueness of LIFE Path also lies in its customized analysis solutions that can reveal how different contact points affect sales. It also provides contact point model simulation services to help customers optimize their marketing.


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